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Friends, novelist, poets, useful links...

Dušica Bojović

Dušica Bojović books are used as a valid literature for teachers education at several colleges and vocational High Schools.
Story: The King of Animals − Meet a Lion

Jana Bouc

Well know painter from USA. Please visit her site and enjoy!

Silvija Butković

Poetess, recognized as a master of photography, haiku  and haiga poetry, my fried.

Sanja Damjan

Poetess from Koprivnica

Kuzman Landeka

Poet from Rijeka

Karen E. Margulis

Well know painter from USA.  Please visit her site and enjoy!

Blanka Pašagić

Author of many books and picture-books for children.

Verica Peacock

Author of novel The Find.

Ivica Smolec

"Albatros" award winner 2004. for novel "Vode teku dalje".

Matija Turčin

One of the youngest but also very mature Croatian novelist. His novels are Sin kiše (The son of rain) i  Deset sekundi (Ten seconds)

Davor Zorc

The friend of mine for a very long time.




Publisher, Zagreb, Hrvatska




AG Press



advance.hr - news from Croatia and from Abroad


WEB portal

Agencija Kapa


Professional, scientific and technical translations. The first five cards for free! Contact with the confidence this generated group of translators and experts.

Croatian Heritage foundation

Welcome to Croatian Heritage Foundation Web Pages

Cyclymens and Swords Publishing

They publish Fine Poetry, Prose and Art.

Hrvatski glas Berlin

online Issue  Hrvatski Glas Berlin contains news, articles and contributions about Croats who live in Berlin...

Hrvatsko društvo književnika za djecu i mlade

Croatian Society of Writers for Children and youthKlub prvih pisaca  (First writer's society)    ~It will be available soon!~

Hrvatska matica iseljenika

Welcome to Croatian Heritage Foundation Web Pages

Istarski gradovi i sela

Istria from Smrikve


Istria - annual international children’s tennis tournament

Smrikva Bowl



Book information system

Knjižnice grada Zagreba

The Zagreb City libraries

Lukin portal

Lukin portal is designed as playground for children and parents.


We appreciate any tips about people who live (have lived/travelled) around the Mediterranean Sea and who have “painted” their picture of … the Middle of the World! Anders Dahlgren (editor)

Poetry Super Highway

Poetry Super Highway


Open public college, Velika Gorica, Hrvatska

Spark - Velika Gorica

Art Society Velika Gorica



The Free Encyclopedia


World Poets Society

Zlatna djeca

Very nice and interesting Internet portal for children by Mrs. Snježana Majdandžić-Gladić, dedicated to children up to age 10.




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