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Tajna ima krila

Sonja Smolec: Tajna ima krila  -- > Klikni mišem i čitaj!

Szabo A3 Data, Zagreb (2002)

The book contains twenty two stories. It is written for children aged six to twelve, but older children and parents will enjoy it as well.
The approach to children and their view of the world is original and painted from different perspectives.
Some of the book’s stories were published in the children's magazine "Modra lasta", and some were adapted and broadcasted on the Radio Zagreb show "Obrazovni Program" and on the Croatian Catholic Radio.

The book is available at almost any library in Croatia. Hard cover.

More info KIS

For autographed book contact me via e-mail.

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Kamen Tvrtko


Kamen Tvrtko - e-knjiga -- > Klikni mišem i čitaj!

Spark, Velika Gorica (2006)
ISBN  953-99293-4-2

The book contains seven inter-connected stories for children aged 6 to 12. Temporary available only in Croatian.
This book was realized with cooperation from the teachers and children from the Velika Gorica primary schools Eugena Kumicica and Eugena Kvaternika, as a Society of Writers for Children and Youth project Word as a guest, under the auspices of the Ministry of culture of RH.

The artwork for the cover and interior is the creation of Veronika Prvonozec. At the end of the book there are paintings made by children from the above mentioned schools. 
Order it on the request.




Kamen Tvrtko  


Kamen Tvrtko - tiskana verzija

Lulu.com (2008)

The same as the previously published e-book, now it is available in printed form, 80 pages, 7.5" x 7.5", perfect binding, full-color interior. It is highly recommended by primary school teachers and librarians.

Book Review



Der Stein Hartwig  


Der Stein Hartwig

R. G. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt, Njemačka (2013)

Eigentlich fühlt sich der Stein Hartwig in seinem See recht wohl – zumal ihn mit dem kleinen Fisch Miranda eine enge Freundschaft verbindet, sodass es nie langweilig wird. Doch Hartwig wird unfreiwillig auf eine Reise geschickt. Zuerst geht es in einen Lastwagen, dann findet er sich auf einer Wiese wieder und schließlich landet er im Aquarium eines kleinen Mädchens.

Wie gut, dass Hartwig schnell Freundschaften schließt. Auf seiner Reise begegnen ihm Käfer, Schmetterlinge, Vögel und andere Tiere, von denen er lernen oder denen er selbst etwas beibringen kann. - R.G.Fischer Verlag

2013. 80 Seiten. Pb.

Übersetzung: Milica Schmidt
Lektorat: Kathrin Möller

Über das Buch:

R.G.Fischer Verlag




Kineski zvončići
(Wind chimes)


Kineski zvončići

Pou (2008)
Velika Gorica,

Biblioteka "Albatros"


Publisher of this novel is Pučko otvoreno učilište (Open public college) Velika Gorica, Biblioteka "Albatros"  

This is a novel for children and youth, published by POU Velika Gorica, Library "Albatros". The main characters are twelve year old Luna, the daughter of divorced parents who lives with her mother; Linda, whose mother is a hairdresser and whose father is an archaeologist but also a frequent guest to a mental hospital; Tin, whose parents were killed in a car accident and lives with his adopting family in Velika Gorica. The story is a fiction about the main characters' life, adventures and misadventures. The action is placed in Velika Gorica and surroundings: Stjepan Radić Square , street Matica Hrvatska, Kolodvorska, Chiiche lake, the shopping mall, Šćitarjevo, Okuje and Turopoljski lug. Editor of the book is Drago Bukovec. Covers designer is Mato Lovrić. Hard covers. 160 Pages.

Temporarily available only in Croatian.

Many thanks to Dr. Nenad Raos for all of his constructive suggestions.

Book is publish with the financial support of the town Velika Gorica.

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Pucko otvoreno uciliste




The Girl with
Pink Glasses


The Girl with Pink Glasses

AG Press (2010)

The Girl with Pink Glasses

Kindle edition


Novel publisher is AG Press, USA. I am extremely thankful to Ms. Cheryl Pillsbury, who is sponsoring this book, and Mr. Grover Pillsbury, Jr. who believes in my work. This is a novel for children and young teenagers, aged 12 or older.

The novel’s action is situated in the town Velika Gorica, Croatia, and its surroundings.

The story tells of life inside an ordinary family, about sisterly love and its strange aspects, about adolescents facing unexpected problems and having to start taking important decisions. And, of course, about first love.

Editor is Grover Pillsbury, Jr. Cover design by Carlos J. Claudio.

Book review

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AG Press




Djevojčica s ružičastim naočalama


The Girl with Pink Glasses

Kalliopa, Našice

The Girl with Pink Glasses - Croatian

The story tells of life inside an ordinary family, about sisterly love and its strange aspects, about adolescents facing unexpected problems and having to start taking important decisions. And, of course, about first love.

Hard cover. Number of pages: 180




Halo, Zemlja zove Snježanu!



Alfa, Zagreb (2010)

Hallo, Earth is calling Snježana! - Croatian version only


A group of elementary school students, who did not know each other previously, meet for summer vacation in a north Adriatic youth camp. They have an eventful stay. They learn to enjoy each other’s company and have fun swimming, dancing, playing freely, far from their parents’ watchful eye. They are entrusted to the care of a pair of students slightly older than them - Hrvoje and Ljubica. Girls and boys start feeling the buds of mutual attraction. First sympathies and first loves are born.

Sure, nothing in life is fun and fun alone. On their way back they have the occasion to appreciate what their parents and teachers continuously do for them.
What brings about this change?

Printed by the Library for youth - Knjiga za mladež. Alfa, Zagreb

Chief Editor: Božidar Petrač, Executive Editor: Dedić Zrinka, Visual editor: Irene Lenard, Editor and Proof: Kristina Ferenčina, Library director: Božidar Prosenjak, Illustrated by: Branka Hollingsworth Nara

Hard cover. Number of pages: 148

Book was nominated for the Grigor Vitez Prize, given to authors of books for children.


The book is available at almost any library in Croatia.


Book review

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Super knjižara
Knjižara Ljevak
Knjižara nova




Moja sestra Sarah


Moja sestra Sarah
Naklada: Hrvatsko društvo književnika
za djecu i mlade,

rujan 2015

My Sister Sarah is a fantasy novel for children, published as a special edition by the Croatian Association of Writers for Children and Youth, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Croatia.

The book is written as a fifteen years old girl’s story / memory, a story starting at a time when strange things started happening in her house, things defeating any logic or probability.
When Sofia was six years old, she found a locked chest in her house’s attic. The chest had aroused her childlike curiosity, and what she found in it would forever change her life. Clippings, inscriptions showing that her dad and mom had become the proud parents of twins, pictures, a birth certificate on behalf of someone named Sarah ... suddenly Sophia realized that the same day that she was born, her mother gave birth to another girl, her sister.

A few days later, the girl returned to the attic despite her mother's interdiction, in order to inspect the chest more attentively. She found a gold chain with a pendant in the shape of the letter S, accurately fitting the one that she wore around her neck. Holding the necklace in her hand, she pronounced the name of her sister aloud and then things started happening, things that she would never have thought were possible. Was this only part of a child's vivid imagination ... or more?

Book review

Nomination for the award Grigor Vitez 2015.

Hard covers. Number of pages: 260

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